Hi , My name is Cedric and I have been a Christian for 38 years. Since I was about 5 years old. But I don ‘t want you to think that it has been easy or perfect. Because I Discovered God and it was beautiful. It was powerful and exciting.

But I also lost him some where down the line a few times maybe. I lost him in the places where he said.

Stay Close to me. Or Be Obedient. Or Your not Perfect but I Am. Or Read your Bible. Pray. Sometimes you need to Fast. Some more than others.

Stay Away from the immoral woman.

Or how about I just thought I could do it my way. Other times I might of just been too busy trying to help God. When I just needed to follow my heart and my ministry first.

So I Discovered God. Then I lost him somewhere along the line. Along the journey of life. So I had to Discover God Again. That is why I chose the title of this website as such. Because I know that there are many people like me.

Who do not have the testimony of. I been saved all my life. But some of us. Know what it means to have God and then to somehow lose him. He did not leave. Not exactly. But we were the sheep that left the flock.

We got lost somehow. Then somehow, he found us. We Discovered God Again. Do you see that picture that God paints so beautifully and sweet. When sheep get lost. It is not all the time that it is a violent and rebellious thing. But sometimes we just lose our way. We get confused and disorientated.